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Jamia Masjid & Sector Mosques

Our society plan includes the establishment and development of Jamia Masjid and sector mosques as integral components of our community. The Jamia Masjid, being the central mosque, will serve as a focal point for congregational prayers, religious education, and community gatherings.

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Central Business District

Our society plan includes the establishment of a vibrant and dynamic Central Business District (CBD) that will serve as the economic and commercial hub of our community. The CBD will be designed to foster entrepreneurship, attract investment, and create a thriving business environment.

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Sector Wise Markets & Shops

Our society plan includes the establishment of sector-wise markets and shops to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of our residents. Each sector will have its own designated market area, carefully designed to provide a convenient and accessible shopping experience.

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Underground Electricity

Our society plan prioritizes the implementation of an underground electricity system to enhance the aesthetics, safety, and reliability of our community's infrastructure. By burying electrical cables underground, we eliminate unsightly overhead wires, poles, and transformers, improving the visual appeal of our surroundings.

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Minimum 40 FT Roads

Our society plan emphasizes the development of minimum 40 ft roads throughout the community to ensure smooth traffic flow, enhance connectivity, and promote safety. The wider road design allows for increased vehicle capacity, reducing congestion and improving the overall transportation experience for residents.

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Gated Community

Our society plan includes the development of a gated community, designed to provide a secure and exclusive living environment for our residents. The gated community will feature controlled access points, including manned security gates and advanced surveillance systems, ensuring the safety and privacy of our residents.

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Out Door Activity Plan

Our society plan places a strong emphasis on promoting outdoor activities and creating a healthy and active lifestyle for our residents.


Nature Park

Our society plan includes the creation of a magnificent Nature Park, designed to preserve and showcase the beauty of the natural environment within our community


Joy Land

Our society plan includes the development of a thrilling and vibrant Joy Land amusement park, designed to provide endless entertainment and joy for residents of all ages.


IT Park

Our society plan includes the establishment of an innovative and cutting-edge IT park, designed to foster technological advancement, entrepreneurship, and collaboration.

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